About Greenway Innovations

Rehrig Containers
Medical Waste Containers

Greenway uses Rehrig Containers that were designed by hospitals to serve hospitals. The containers are rated by the DOT and rated PGII. Greenway offers a comprehensive reusable container line for sharps, regulated medical waste, chemo and pharmaceutical. Rehrig containers are registered as a FDA approved medical device.

Greenway Cleaning Equipment
State of the Art Cleaning and Processing

Greenway uses state of the art equipment to robotically decant the reusable sharps containers. Once decanted the containers are moved to a tunnel washer with multiple disinfectant and drying chambers. Greenway's new technology uses far less energy than traditional processing and the containers can be reused hundreds of times saving enormous amounts of plastic going into our landfills.

Greenway Truck
Pickup and Service

Greenway prides itself in professional on-time pickups to ensure your medical waste is picked up in a timely manner and the cleaned containers are promptly returned.

Compliance Logos

Greenway offers personalized training modules to assure compliance including but not limited to:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • HIPPA - Annual
  • D.O.T. and R.M.W.
  • OSHA

Accounting Computer

Greenway is one of the first medical waste companies in the US to use Cloud Based software eliminating paper manifests for regulated medical waste. Greenway allows its customers to access their information from any computer or smart device. Greenway has also revolutionized the invoicing process for large quantity generators by reducing the quantity of invoices exponentially. Ask about the Greenway Innovations Guaranteed Savings Model?